Temperature is soaring higher than ever, the soothing cool ambiance of offices and big institutions, feels like heaven, after facing the torturing heatwaves outside... but wait! Is the 'heaven' really as good?? How far is it better than the other options?? Here we take you through simple facts related to both alternatives, comparing to find out which one is better; and why a roof garden is a lot better than buying a AC.
The first and foremost purpose of AC -  to cool down the room. With temperature aiming to break record of previous year, every year! We really need to think about the problem at its deepest levels. Buying an AC, may relieve you from the problem for a while, but it doesn’t do anything about the problem itself. The problem still exists, and its getting bigger every year. the problem is the absence of greenery, and on a larger scale, global warming. So an AC won’t really protect you for long, and you would agree this fact when you step out of the room on a summer afternoon.

Its an example of the classic cyclical problem. Temperature shoots up -> people buy more ACs -> more electricity consumption -> radiated more heat into the environment -> temperature shoots up. And the cycle continues. And if the temperature goes on increasing, you may very well imagine the situation 5 years from now!

So why not attack the problem itself! A greenery cover on the roof will absorb the heat and provide a very optimal cooling for your house. It can lower the temperature of the room below it as much as by 5 degrees! and hey! the temperature control is even better.. keep reading to know how.
To know how it attacks the problem click here.

There is absolutely no power consumption. On the other hand, AC is a power guzzling dino!! don't tell that you are not bothered about electricity bills during summer! 

Now on this round, AC stands no where near. The rusty metal box hanging from the window or the on sitting on the roof, is definitely a visual turn off for any one, and its even irritating, is if its running and you have to face the hot air coming out of it. Now compare that to a beautiful garden rite on you roof, while you enjoy the roof top view around. Which one will you choose?


People from metropolitan cities will especially appreciate this feature of roof gardens. It absorbs the ambient noise like that of construction sites or, from planes or hovering copters and all.

It absorbs the green house gasses which is a major culprit for global warming. While AC is a power guzzling monster, emitting thousand gallons of those very gasses, at the power production plants. So instead of boosting the problem, a roof garden cuts it down.

Not only it help in cooling off the rooms during summers, but it also protects from chilling bites of winter.(whose occurrence, with the increasing temp., is very rare though.)

It absorbs excess rain water, hence delaying a flooding situation around your house.

Well, this aspect of plants you are already well aware with. Just google for it, in case you would like to refresh your GK!

Wonder where had the sweet bird chirping has vanished, which you used to enjoy so much in the old days?? Well,  their shelter and food vanishing away, with massive clearance drives for road and infrastructure expansion. And they are temperature sensitive too, actually much more sensitive than us, and it turns out to be too hot to take on.  The small plants won’t undo the damage at once, but who knows, if the communities may carry out their own plantation drives, it may. With no space on the ground, the empty and unused space on roof is a good alternative.




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